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Personal Brand 

Build valuable and strong brand identity by applying

The Conscious Brand™ method. Gain clarity on how to create engaging communication

with your clients and

transform it to the next level

in your industry. 

Video Marketing Packages

Create a high-quality digital experience while cutting costs and delivering orders faster to in-demand markets.

Scale-up your business with impactful videos and creating digital assets. 

Conscious Business Program

Gain clarity and connect with your life vision, practices for higher performance to get real-life results. Developed tailored mindset and embodiment strategies based on your specific business goals.

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Alicia Borta - Entrepreneur,

Business Owner and Life Coach  

"I had the pleasure of working with Stoyko on a few projects and not only he’s outstanding and skilled, but he’s also an amazing human being, it was easy to work with and easy to communicate my view on how I wanted the shoot.

Brilliant quality and work!" 


Deborah McPhilemy - Author, Coach,

Trainer, and Speaker

"Stoyko is so much more than a videographer. He helps you to clarify your message, to make sure that what you want to get across comes out in the videos.

I truly enjoyed working with Stoyko and he will always be my first choice when I need to make digital assets."


 Ernesto Moreno - Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Leadership Coach

"It is absolute pleasure to work with Stoyko. He is very friendly and puts people at ease when they are in front of the camera, He is always willing to do a great job and he is patient with clients, something that is key when doing this type of work." 


EJ Shaffert - Author, Educator and

International Feng Shui Consultant

"I have appreciated Stoyko's generous and good-hearted approach. He is creative, hardworking, and fun to work with, and his diligence has resulted in some high-quality products. Stoyko is a very good collaborator.  He is receptive to ideas, will try new things, and will work hard to get a good result. 

I feel grateful for the time spent working with Stoyko. With his help, we have evolved some very high-quality products and events, beyond my expectations!"


Nicole Gibson - Speaker, Facilitator, and Founder of the Global Movement -

Love Out Loud

"Stoyko really takes the time to be present with the process and considers deeply how to translate the meaning behind what he’s capturing. I love that in an artist. He was flexible and considerate through our process of working together. It felt easy and I trusted him fully to do his thing. Stoyko would be great working with anyone that’s running an impact based business, or someone that is actively working to make humanity better. This sort of individual needs a content maker like Stoyko, who will really build a relationship and get to know you as an individual. I loved Stoyko’s passion for storytelling."


Kamal Jugessur - Director at

The Director’s Cut - Cinematography 

"I have know Stoyko as a freelance editor for the past 2 years working for my company.

His ability to capture onset has been in a friendly and proactive manner, working alongside a team-based environment contributing to delivering high0end cinematography.

His talent and work ethic is a valuable asset to any organization." 

Hi there, my name is Stoyko Monev. 

My formal degree is in Economics and Marketing. Though, my true education comes from working worldwide with a variety of entrepreneurs, life coaches and personal growth organizations.


I’ve worked with public speakers from Mindvalley, TEDx, Love Out Loud movement, writers with best-selling books, and within a variety of industries – from commercial, real estate to coaching.


Through the work in the past 10 years, I specialized in psychology and visual branding strategies developing The Conscious Brand™ method.


Is designed to give you an authentic - purposeful - driven system that helps you build and expand  your brand identity.

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Just to name a few of the brands we've worked with:


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