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Hi there, I am Stoyko Monev

The Founder of The Red Magic Media

I believe entrepreneurship is a passion for personal freedom. The freedom to achieve something greater from ourselves. 

Down on the same road can be challenging with a lot of distractions, we want an automatic roadmap, so we will be able fully to focus on expressing our gifts to the world.

The marketing industry is becoming dehumanizing,

is missing an approach that goes deeper than just the digital, but also we need to bring the emotional, the mental and the energetic into space. 

That’s why I started The Red Magic Media, where we are building brand equity and supporting entrepreneurs and organizations to impact their market with conscious video marketing and a

heart-centred vision. 

With a large network of professional leaders in the business, The Red Magic Media is able to produce projects of any size and need.

My background has always been as a visionary and creative, where my heart lies in reimagining the world through art and spirituality.

From a kid when I was directing my group of friends in front of the camera, till building up my career path in the digital world without a formal degree working today with one of the top names in the personal growth industry.

Having worked worldwide with hundreds of different businesses in the past 10 years, I know exactly how to build your digital footprint which is engaging, clear, strong and touches the human soul.

We are the best know for delivering personal attention and an in-depth understanding of where the clients are and where they want to succeed, making them feeling trust, certainty and inspiration. If you'd like to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey, let's connect. 

I am looking forward to discussing potential future collaborations and helping you with your business growth.



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