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Hi there, I am Stoyko Monev

The Founder of The Red Magic Media

Entrepreneurship, to me, is the pursuit of personal freedom — the freedom to achieve something greater. Yet, navigating this journey can be challenging amid distractions.

My background has always been as a visionary and creative, where my heart lies in reimagining the world through art and spirituality.

At Red Magic Media, I aim to bring a deeper, more human approach to the dehumanizing marketing industry. With a background rooted in creativity, I've grown from directing friends in front of a camera as a kid to working with top names in personal growth today.

Having collaborated globally for a decade, I specialize in building engaging, clear, and soul-touching digital footprints.

Red Magic Media, backed by a network of professionals, focuses on conscious video marketing and heart-centred visions.

Our strength lies in personal attention and a profound understanding of clients' aspirations. If you're ready to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey, let's connect.

Looking forward to exploring future collaborations and supporting your business growth.

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