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Every business has a story. Every individual has a brand identity.

What matters is how you deliver it to the world. 

Raise your profile by adding powerful video assets into your business. 

Conscious Video Marketng

The importance of

video in marketing.

Video is a way to get people to know you, like

you and trust you. His purpose is to create a connection bridge in the online space between your brand and the client.

Most businesses underestimate the power of video, not having a clear direction of where,

how and for what to use it. We work with you through the whole process from developing the concepts, putting things together and bringing your vision to life.

Video is one of the assets that absolutely puts you on the top of the mountain, and immediately makes you global, it transcends time, and space and it’s an awesome fun asset which we need to create for our business to thrive. 


Professional video is

an asset that keeps adding rewards

for years to come.

Creating an excellent showreel, explainer video, testimonial video or lesson could be a

massive asset for your business. 


  • Video Marketing Strategy Consultation

  • Dynamic Pitch/ Website Films

  • Social Media Content

  • Product demonstrations and Tutorials

  • Interviews and Testimonials Reels

  • Event Coverage

  • Video Assets for Live Conferences or Presentations

  • Documentaries


Course Creation Package

Transitioning your business idea into the online world. From scratch to impacting your market. 

Helping you with the creation and launch of your programs. 

We will develop a powerful strategy, help with the content creation and make trailers for your social media channels, post-production and guidance on the right platforms to reach out to your audience and effectively market your brand. 

6 weeks Private

Course Creation Bootcamp


  • 8 video calls, private one on one

  • Step by step guidance

  • Landing page design

  • Content creation 

  • Branding and marketing strategy

  • Pro video editing

  • Creating promo materials for social media

Course Creation Package
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